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Premier Electrical - Blackpool

Solutions For All Your Fire Alarm Needs

Premier Electrical have been offering fire protection solutions for over 20 years within the Blackpool and surrounding areas, we have experience in designing, installing, commissioning and maintaining fire alarm systems.

We offer professional installations and repairs on all types of fire alarms ranging from conventional stand-alone analogue systems to large scale open protocol addressable systems sometimes covering several buildings.

What we do best:

  • Fire Alarm Installation to BS5839:1/2002 as amended 2004
  • Commercial & Residential Fire Alarm Systems
  • Conventional Fire Alarm Systems
  • Two-wire Fire Alarm Systems
  • Addressable & Intelligent Fire Alarm Systems
  • Fire Alarm Fault Finding
  • Routine Fire Alarm Servicing
  • FREE Fire Alarm Estimates & Surveys
  • Consultancy Service
  • Planned Maintenance
  • Certification

We also have maintenance programs set up by our internal logs, which allows for your system to be serviced correctly without worry of exceeding the recommended service interval requirements.

FIRE ALARM SERVICING - Premier Electrical Fire Alarm Servicing Engineers offer a full alarm service at low cost starting from £40.00 per test. After servicing your alarm we will supply you with an ECA Fire Alarm Servicing Certificate as recommended in Annex G of British Standard 5839-1:2002

EMERGENCY LIGHTING SERVICING & INSTALLS – Premier Electrical can install new emergency lighting and repair faulty emergency lighting. We also offer a low cost servicing starting from £30.00 if we service your fire alarm at the same time. (see above for fire alarm servicing)

FIRE EXTINGUISHER SALES & MAINTENANCE - Premier Electrical offer great prices for Fire Extinguishers. Prices starting from just £20.00. We also offer a low cost fire extinguisher servicing plan from just £25.00per service per year.


Blackpool Fire Alarm Installation
Blackpool Fire Alarm Servicing
Blackpool Emergency Lighting Installation
Blackpool Emergency Lighting Servicing
Blackpool Emergency Lighting Annual Inspection
Blackpool Fire Extinguisher Sales
Blackpool Fire Extinguisher Servicing
Blackpool Fire Extinguisher Maintenance
Blackpool - Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)
Blackpool - Residential Electrical Services
Blackpool - Commercial Electrical Services
Preston Fire Alarm Installation
Preston Fire Alarm Servicing
Preston Emergency Lighting Installation
Preston Emergency Lighting Servicing
Preston Emergency Lighting Annual Inspection
Preston Fire Extinguisher Sales
Preston Fire Extinguisher Servicing
Preston Fire Extinguisher Maintenance
Portable Appliance Testing - (PAT) Preston
Fleetwood Fire Alarm Installation
Fleetwood Fire Alarm Servicing
Fleetwood Emergency Lighting Installation
Fleetwood Emergency Lighting Servicing
Fleetwood Emergency Lighting Annual Inspection
Fleetwood Fire Extinguisher Sales
Fleetwood Fire Extinguisher Servicing
Fleetwood Fire Extinguisher Maintenance
Portable Appliance Testing - (PAT) Fleetwood
Lytham Fire Alarm Installation
Lytham Fire Alarm Servicing
Lytham Emergency Lighting Installation
Lytham Emergency Lighting Servicing
Lytham Emergency Lighting Annual Inspection
Lytham Fire Extinguisher Sales
Lytham Fire Extinguisher Servicing
Lytham Fire Extinguisher Maintenance
Portable Appliance Testing - (PAT) Lytham
Poulton Fire Alarm Installation
Poulton Fire Alarm Servicing
Poulton Emergency Lighting Installation
Poulton Emergency Lighting Servicing
Poulton Emergency Lighting Annual Inspection
Poulton Fire Extinguisher Sales
Poulton Fire Extinguisher Servicing
Poulton Fire Extinguisher Maintenance
Portable Appliance Testing - (PAT) Poulton
St Annes Fire Alarm Installation
St Annes Fire Alarm Servicing
St Annes Emergency Lighting Installation
St Annes Emergency Lighting Servicing
St Annes Emergency Lighting Annual Inspection
St Annes Fire Extinguisher Sales
St Annes Fire Extinguisher Servicing
St Annes Fire Extinguisher Maintenance
Portable Appliance Testing - (PAT) St Annes